Born in a 140 year old cottage deep in The Huon Valley during the slow days of the 2020 COVID lockdown.

As COVID 19 squeezed us all into isolation, Cam set about perfecting the crumpet – a notoriously fickle product to make.

At the same time, Ally did what everyone else was doing – she created a sourdough starter!

The marriage of these two tasks produced a beautiful baby – the Huon Me Crumpet Co.

These crumpets are fluffy and light in the middle, with a lovely crunch on the outside, perfect for you to use as a base for your culinary creations.

Amazeballs flavour Selection

Original Sourdough

The ‘go to’ sourdough crumpet. Its fluffy insides and its delightfully crispy outside lends itself to either sweet or savoury toppings. You could top this little puppy with the absolute classic, some butter and a good quality home made jam. Yummo! However it is also a base for many a savoury dish –  let your imagination run wild! Or some complete heathens like butter and Vegemite as a hangover cure. Guaranteed to make you feel reborn for at least 30 seconds. 

Chocolate Sourdough

Ok, these are good! We’ve used top quality cocoa and kept the sugar right down so you can top them with whatever grabs your imagination and set your own sweetness. We like them with Maple Butter or we fancy them up with cream cheese, strawberries, Tassie honey and pepitas. Or next time no one is supervising you, load up a toasted one with salted caramel icecream. You can thank us later.

Coconut Sourdough

(100% plant based)

We took our beloved Original recipe and pretty much just swapped in coconut milk. These are just as fluffy and toast up just as beautifully as the Original recipe because why shouldn’t you have the best just because you want to leave animals alone? They come with a bonus, delicious hint of coconut too and are a sensational crumpet in their own right.

Saffron Sourdough

Behold! The King of Crumpets. These are a special crumpet that we make them with award winning, A grade saffron grown and harvested in the beautiful Derwent Valley. The bold colour and delicate flavour of the saffron is incredible when served with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Yum!! Takes crumpets into a whole different culinary dimension. Don’t restrict yourself to savoury options with these, they are exquisite served with Tasmania’s famous Leatherwood honey. These are only available directly from us at Farm Gate Market, so come and see us there and treat yourself to something fancy!

 Where you can find us 

 * Hill Street Grocer Sandy Bay, Cnr TT Flynn Street And Churchill Ave,  Sandy Bay.

* Hill Street Grocer Devonport, 42/54 Oldaker Street. Devonport.

*Hill Street Grocer Longford, 7a Wellington Street, Longford.

* Hill Street Grocer West Hobart, 70 Arthur Street, West Hobart.

*Salamanca Fresh Huonville, 19 Main Road Huonville.

*Salamanca Fresh Kingston, Shop 101 Channell Court

*Salamanca Fresh Bellerive, 19 Clarence St Bellerive Kingston

*Salamanca Fresh Battery Point, 41 Salamanca Place Hobart

*  Eumarrah Hobart , 39 Barrack Street, Hobart.

* Eumarrah Launceston, 54 Frederick Street Launceston.

* The Organic Grocery Store, 15a Hobart Road, South Launceston.

*Trevallyn Grocer, 1-3 Osbourne Ave Trevallyn.

The Local Grocer, 66 Kennedy Drive, Cambridge.

* The Lanterns, Shop 2/168 Arthur Hwy Dunally

* Half Way South, 14 Church St Geeveston 

* Franklin Post Office, Franklin

 * West Park Grove IGA, 56 West Park Grove (Burnie)

 * and Farm Gate Market, Bathurst Street Hobart – every Sunday from 8.30am – 1pm

Reviews on our crumpets

“Huon Me regular flavour artisan crumpets are literally the best I have ever eaten in my life, these are the bees knees! They toast perfectly first time every time, removing the need for a double dip!”


“Om nom nom, I love your crumpets, I could eat them all day!” 5 Stars!


“What crumpets??? I didn’t even know there were crumpets in the house!! No stars!”

Darryl's Family

“Mum never normally lets us have crumpets in the house!!”

Also Darryl's Family

“So good, I needed a cigarette afterwards! ;-)”

Paul F