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First day back from the long weekend and already heading for noddy land?

Fight that afternoon slump with this little snack. Coconut Sourdough, luscious Lemon Curd and some of the sweetest, ripest raspberries we`ve ever had.

Should see you through to knock off.

#crumpets #sourdough #huonmecrumpets

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We have limited numbers of these grainy, plant based beauties today. So if you want some, you need to get yourself out of bed and down to @farmgatemarket early.
However you will thank us later, these are DELICIOUS!

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We hope you all have a great Xmas!
Our next market will be 7th Jan.

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And that`s your lot for 2023

All our stores have had their deliveries and we`re set for a massive @farmgatemarket today (opens early at 8.00am so no touching that snooze button)

It`s been a massive year (34,000 packs, 8.6 tonnes of flour, 5860 litres of milk, honestly the stats are ridiculous). Thanks to each and everyone of you that has supported us.

We`ve got some exciting stuff planned for next year but that`s news for another post. For now we`re planning on sticking our feet up for a week and putting a big dent in the giant ham we`ve got in the outside fridge.

Merry Christmas!

Crumpeteers out.

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Lift your (breakfast) game.

Christmas Spiced Sourdough Crumpet, mascarpone, early summer raspberries, honey and hazelnuts.

And it just so happens that every single bit comes from the best farmers market in the land @farmgatemarket


Honestly, we are spoilt rotten.

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